Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Idol" Thoughts

Tonight as I watched delusional contestants warble and screech and cry and challenge on "American Idol", I realized that I was really happy that this kind of show wasn't around during my formative years.  I'm not sure how I would have handled seeing the desperation and humiliation of so many people. I think it would have hurt my heart to watch a show like this. I have a much harder shell than I used to (I know it is hard to believe...), but I still have a hard time watching person after person come in, talent-free, and embarrass themselves.

The first couple of years I watched "Idol", I liked the audition process because you could spot the really good people.  Then for a couple of years, they only showed the really, truly bad singers and "personalities".  I think they are giving more air time to the good singers now, but I still find the length of the audition process a bit much. I would much rather see them focus on "Hollywood Week" and start us on the path to getting to know some of the better contestants.  I don't need to see the scores of untalented people sobbing and cursing the camera and the judges.

I'm not old in years, but I'm old in spirit in some ways.  I'm out of patience with this process. I just want to hear the final group sing. I love the process of watching the people grow and take feedback and come back week after week. I get attached to the contestants and I am eager to see what they will do next.  I think that part of it is much more nurturing - even with the voting people off...  I guess they wouldn't have as much interest if everything was nice and everyone sang well.

I guess this is why I'm not in television. :)

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