Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another Class, Another Technique

I went to a class called "SoulCollage" and had a great time and some good "me" time. :)

The SoulCollage cards are really different than anything I have experienced before - it is more about the authentic attraction to certain images and how the combination of those images can lead to personal insights. The format is 5"X8" and that is totally new. So far, my experience has been on larger boards, but this is to build a "deck" of cards - almost like Tarot or something, but far more personal. You are creating your own deck of meaning.

I enjoyed it and I am thinking about taking some more workshops from this facilitator. She had very good energy and I liked the process.

Here are the cards I made during class:

And all of them together (they seem like a set, right now)

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