Monday, January 25, 2010

Bird Page and a LOJ List

First my bird page - in progress. I tried not to think too much, which is often a feat.  I just put it together and we'll see what happens.  I have been drawn to images with flowing lines and arms thrown wide.  Something about freedom or flight perhaps?

A List of Jean - I opened up my listing book and got "List all the ways you beat insomnia".  I actually had insomnia for a long time.  Since I was a kid, it would take about a week of school being out before I would be awake.  What I eventually figured out was that if I didn't engage my brain during the daytime, I couldn't sleep at night.  When I stopped interpreting all day every day, I started having insomnia again.  Some of the ways I have combatted the inability to sleep are:
1.  count sheep (or just count...I usually only make it, maximum of 132. Usually, somewhere in the 20s.  I think it has something to do with quieting the brain and boring it.)
2. Get up and do something else until I feel tired.
3.  Drink some tea or warm milk (ick. Doesn't work)
4.  Listen to soothing music
5. Read a book I really want to read. (This used to backfire and I would read and read and read...the whole book instead of sleeping.)
6.  Put a heating pad in the bed for 30 minutes.
7. Wrap up in all my blankets really tight, like a swaddled baby.
8.  Put on "Armageddon" or "Enemy of the State" (Both these movies knock me out EVERY TIME)
9. Episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Downside - there is no Play All on the DVDs so sometimes, the end of an episode will wake me up
10.  Play Zuma on the computer. That will often put me to sleep eventually.

**I still can't figure out why the text centers after placing a photo.  Blogger tried to add a great feature - now you can manipulate the photos more, but you can't get the text to stop centering. It's really irritating.  Oh well. I guess it really doesn't matter.
Goodnight all.

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  1. I have no earthly idea why, but #8 on your Cure Insomnia list busted me up. I got all tickled and dunno why.

    I may have to employ some of your listed suggestion (except the warm milk...I agree: ick!)



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