Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day of Musicals and Art and Books

I have had a strange and beautiful day.  I woke up early, did some housekeeping stuff, then I watched "Xanadu" which I will be interpreting in a couple of weeks.  After that, I put in the "Chess" concert with Josh Groban, Idina Menzel, and Adam Pascal.  I try to embrace this version since it was Tim Rice who was behind doing it and the changes they made to the show, but I have to say that the original concept album is the only way to go. I ended up falling asleep and not finishing it, but the music played to me while I slept.

In the musical mood, I put in "Rent on Broadway"- the video of the last two performances of the musical "Rent".  I didn't watch it, I was just listened to it while I worked on another collage and another Art Journal.  I felt compelled to build another Art Journal (the one I am using has to be put together). I decided to try a different number of pages - I doubt I will do that again, or I will maybe add one set of pages (I can't remember what that is called but it has a name).  I think it is going to be a beautiful piece, but I think the 16 is the optimum number of pages. I wanted to work on the journal itself tonight. Ultimately, I got distracted by the second collage. I think I have some fear built up about the journal and I just have to get over it. I am going to use the first one to experiment and it will be fine. No matter what happens in any of them, it is mine. It is me learning how to create without fear, to create without judgment. To let it flow. I like that.

The mosaic on the journal is a photo mosaic from Flickr where I entered specific words and found photos to match them. I used the mosaics on my test blog and have the URLs for them for crediting purposes.

I read somewhere yesterday about a Vision board and they recommended that you outline the board in yellow or glitter to manifest the vision you are looking toward, so I did that tonight. I have some yellow glitter glue, so I outlined the poster board and then I did another collage that involved my personal photos. I'm not done yet, but this one is coming along, too.

I even had time to read today.  I started reading "Julie and Julia" and am still reading my "Weather Warden" series. Brain candy, but interesting and pure escape. I need that sometimes.  I am back on the plan to read 30 minutes or more each day, so I'm excited to have already started on the path. I have a PILE of books to read this year.

2010 is shaping up great, so far. I feel energized and positive. It's a good feeling.


  1. I watched the movie "Julie and Julia" and it was awesome. I have a link to her blog on my reading list. She is a bit diffrent on her blog. You have been busy creating today. I love your journal. I have been working away to on collage and digital painting. Have a great day.

  2. "Chess in Concert"?! While I'm a huge fan of the original version, I feel like I have to track this one down only because it has Josh Groban, Ms. Idina, and Adam Pascal! Sounds like a powerhouse cast.

    Happy journaling!



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