Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Want My Videostore!!

Hi. My name is Jean and I'm resistant to change.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I can begin rant #2 in two days.

I think I was about 13 or 14 when my family purchased the first of many VCRs in my life. We had a Betamax as the theory was that the heads had to turn less times around and the tapes didn't have to travel as far, so they would last longer and be less stretched and maintain higher quality. Except that they cost a little more. So, VHS, even though it was a lesser quality product, won out. We had our Beta machine for 10 years without any professional maintenance...I had to replace my VHS machines almost annually.

When the Beta died, it was a sad day. I ended up buying a replacement Beta but also gave in and purchased a VHS machine because they were no longer widely distributing Beta videotapes to record on and it was almost impossible to rent anything on the format. Favorites that I had on Beta were replaced with VHS tapes.

Along came DVD. Then Blue-ray. I don't buy as many movies as I used to. I'm not going to keep replacing them or the technology that I have to use to play them. We have been duped into buying all manner of "new technology" that is always more expensive and less effective. I mean, do I really need to carry 193 days of music around on my iPod? I fell for it and I still listen to the same 10 CDs over and over again...

Netflix. Online borrowing is now in vogue. Blockbuster has long been off the list starting with their predatory late fee policies. Hollywood sold to an out-of-state company but seemed to survive...until now. I read on FB that the Hollywood on Hawthorne is closing and the one near Beaverton Town Square and I believe there is one near me closing, as well.

I want to GO TO THE VIDEO STORE. If I want to watch "West Side Story" or "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" or episodes of "24" or "Kyle XY", I want to go get them today - I don't want to put them on the list to watch in 3 months when they are available.

Visually, I like to walk the shelves and look at the covers of the DVD cases - it makes you think of other movies, gives you an idea of the tone/mood of the movie (most of the time). Looking at a list of movies online is NOT the same.

I remember when Powell's City of Books used to have more of their books with the covers facing out. They used to have tables and you could go in and browse the tables in the front room. When they changed it, I had to readjust my whole Powell's experience and it frustrated me. I still love Powell's - don't get me wrong. I just need the kinesthetic value of touching them, reading the back description, looking at the titles available, there, at that moment.

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  1. Technology is just a big fancy word for "trick you into spending more money." No sooner than you buy the "latest and greatest model," it's totally obsolete. And incredibly frustrating; I wholeheartedly agree.

    I just want to shake my picture and watch it slowly develop!

    It's all a big conspiracy. Conspiracy, I tell you!!



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