Saturday, January 9, 2010

Creative Every Day 2010

I decided that I liked the idea of doing something creative every day - especially when I read about the idea behind the challenge.  As I said a couple of days ago, I don't want to put myself in a position of failure, but creativity is so broad. Sometimes, figuring out how I can get a lunch break is a creative endeavor. Sometimes it is posting here, working on the journals, writing something, solving a problem, organizing something into a pleasing display...the list is endless.

I'm not going to write about creative lunch-taking here on the blog, but I did think I should mention the new badge for Creative Every Day. If you want to learn more, click on the badge and it should take you to the website.

For today, I worked on some new journal pages. I'm standing at the precipice of courage in art...but I haven't given in to it yet. I'm still thinking too much about what I am doing and if it will be what I want.  On the positive side, I am finally able to cut out pictures from magazines more regularly. For some reason, I have a hard time cutting them up...I have that "What if I need this again someday?" feeling and then I hesitate.  I just bought a bunch of magazines that I wouldn't have purchased otherwise and started taking out pages and pictures and words and I am feeling more comfortable with it. I realized, however, that if you read all the same magazines month after month, they all have the same ads. You have to go outside your comfort zone.

These pages are nowhere near done, but I like how they are shaping up.  I haven't decided what else they need - just text or more photos...I like the black and white quality and I don't really have a bunch of black and white photos from magazines, so I have to ponder. I'm trying to find a quote about things not being black and white, but I won't know the quote until I find it.

Here's a peek:

 I liked the images of this woman...there was one more in the magazine I had, but I would have had to cut up Meryl Streep's face to get it and I just wasn't prepared to do that. The teensy quote says, "Inspiration is virtually everywhere."

I will be playing more with these images/pages tomorrow. I am having fun and that's what counts, right?  We'll see what they look like in the end. I'm just trying to keep moving forward on it.

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