Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Blogoversary!! Year Two complete!

Unbelievably, today is the second Blogoversary of WildRumpusing! So much has happened and yet it seems like I started this little venture yesterday. I spent a little time looking back at the blog recently and I am just so happy to have this place to come and think, play, ponder, question, experiment and explore.
When I was reading some of the older posts last weekend, I thought that maybe the name of this blog was a misnomer - I'm not really wild and my rumpusing is pretty tame in the grand scheme of things. But as I read the evolution, I realized that while I'm still never going to be called "wild", I have been rumpusing more and more. For me, I think there were several of important turning points that led me to more rumpus-like behavior:
  1. Discovering 37Days and having Patti Digh leave a comment for me(!!) was huge and gave me some courage to continue to write my own story.
  2. Joining "The Next Chapter: Wreck This Journal" led by Jamie Ridler at Jamie Ridler Studios. Wrecking returned me to art and color and vibrancy and RISK. I am not a risk-taker, so this was an important discovery.
  3. Buying a digital camera has been HUGE...I'm still learning how to take photos, how to deal with the light, with the camera, etc. I feel myself learning and getting closer to maybe taking some of the kinds of photos I would like to take. I am most proud of the photo in the header of the blog today. I know I keep changing it, but I keep coming back to this photo. 
  4. Taking "Live Your Wild and Precious Life Now" telecourse. Even though that wasn't a part of this blog, except when I wrote about it briefly, I found it because of blogs and both adventures have led me to this place of art, joy, exploration and courage. 
  5. Finding out that my friends were finding and reading my little blog. What a thrill and honor to have you all come here, even occasionally. Kevin, special thanks to you - my first regular reader and huge source of encouragement. I appreciate you in so many ways. Thank you for all your generosity of spirit.
To all of you who visit here, Thank you! I love your comments; I love knowing that friends are all around, even when you don't see them often. I am honored that you share your precious time with me. I am a better person because of you.


  1. Happy Blogoversary, I am glad to find you too. Big hug. Just doing the wtj made is all a wild women.
    I had the courage ro open the ning site yesterday day and have 4 members for healing art. It is for us all to share and learn from each other. I am glad too you can see your progress in you blog. It is so much fun. I enjoy your posts. Have a great day.



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