Monday, January 9, 2012

On The Road Again

I had a nice dinner with Roby's mom and step-dad last night - our annual outing to remember Roby and see each other.  I am going to be better about calling at other times during the year this year - we all suffer from the "I don't want to bother you if you are busy" syndrome, so then we don't see each other.  I love them dearly, so I want to be sure I spend time with then as regularly as I can.

Tonight, I am in Seattle.  I had to work on payroll from a hotel computer - I can't do it with this little netbook and no mouse...keys are too small, too much mouse-work for me.  I will be working with a new co-worker.  I should not drive to strange places in the dark - it was raining and the speed limit is 70 mph - not my forte in the dark in an unfamiliar place.  I made it safe and sound, but my shoulders are tight from tensing. :)  Tomorrow, I will be driving home in the same conditions, but it doesn't matter when I get home...Tonight I was feeling the pressure to get to the hotel.

So, even though I know that I have blog course material waiting for me, I have an early morning, so I'm off to bed.  More tomorrow!  I can't wait to start my class!!!

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