Monday, January 16, 2012

Procrastination, Thy Name is Jean

I really had plans to do a lot more and I ended up doing absolutely nothing useful. I didn’t work on my classes (although I DID read the new material that was released for them and watched a video for my February Lettering class), my journal, my blog, nothing. I checked Facebook, I played games, I watched some bad television, got annoyed by the news and the panic over “possible snow”. 

Speaking of snow, I have a bone to pick with the news media.  Granted, we live in a very difficult area of the country to forecast, but they are WRONG 99% percent of the time and yet, a few days ago, they had the nerve to do a mocking story about how everyone here panics when it might snow.  I remember the first panic that happened. I think it was probably 1996.  The media actually encouraged businesses to send people home early (like about 2pm) because we were heading for a “blizzard”.  Since it was the first time anyone had heard that kind of report in this area, people took it seriously and schools and businesses closed and sent everyone home. All at the same time. If rush hour is from 3:30-7pm and everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) rushes out and gets on the road, guess what happens?  It takes 8 hours to get 17.5 miles. Seriously.  Fast-forward to today when they are almost disappointed that there isn’t any trouble on the roads. GRR. It is quite irritating.

So, anyway, I didn’t do anything useful and I’m a little sad about it, but I’m just going to put it down to having a true day off. 

I need to sit down and do a little timeline/map. I have a book to read, a show to rehearse and classes to keep up with in addition to all the regular life stuff.  I'm exhilarated, but I am also feeling some resistance as some of the course work requires some self-reflection that goes a bit deeper than "what color do you want your blog to be?".  I knew this going into it, so I'm not completely surprised by my reaction, but I am also committed to doing the work. That's the sad thing about paying for stuff - when I pay for it, I'm more likely to participate. You'd think I could just do all this and make it happen on my own, but there is an accountability that happens when you actually spend money and commit to a community of other people.  I'm stoked and a little nervous. Maybe it is just me (I doubt it), but it is always scary to look deep because I'm either afraid of what I will find or WON'T find and/or afraid to change.

Wish me luck!

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