Friday, January 6, 2012

Lazy Day, Project Day

I spent the day online - I checked my work email, facebook, watched videos from an art journaling course I'm taking, organized some photos, did some pinning on Pinterest.  It was a good day.  I also started working on my art journal from the course I watched.  My biggest problem is waiting for the paint to dry all the way. I hate waiting.

It was a rare, lazy, guilt-free day of looking forward, planning for the next couple of months. I have more shows coming up so I have to clear spots to work on them, plus I have several online courses I signed up for coming up and 2 that I delayed starting until the show was done. I also need to start reading my book for the 37Days Book Group - I have it on my Kindle, but I wasn't ready to start it today. I will do it tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have plans to see some old friends for an evening of fun and games. Seems an odd juxtaposition in light of the anniversary I will observe on Sunday. Life is funny, sometimes. But I know Roby would be happy to know that I was still having fun with my friends and remembering him every step of the way.

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