Sunday, January 15, 2012

SoulBook Cover

I spent the last couple of days working in my Soul Book. I took a class from the Brave Girls Club and I'm finally able to work on some of the art parts.  This is a little different than my art journals, but it uses some of the same techniques if I want to do it that way.  I'm still figuring out some of what I want to do, but I'm happy with it so far.

I thought about not posting the front cover just because it might seem egotistical - that isn't the point at all...  this isn't an art journal - it is a book to look to on difficult days or days when I need to remember who I am and what I believe and where I'm going. I like the idea and I took a little bit of a different path than what the instructors said.  You will have to take the class to find out more. :)

Here are pics of the cover, front and back:

Back Cover - I did this first.  I don't know why I liked the perfume bottle and poof, other than the pink color.  Somehow, it works for me.

The instructors recommended having pictures of ourselves. I decided to put them on the front - me and the people/places times that I love.  

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