Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 13: Magnifying Glass Effect

"Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one." ~Marianne Williamson

Well, what I know is that when I start paying attention to something about myself, whatever it is intensifys in some way - becomes more frequent, becomes more obvious or when you realize how much you say, "Um" or "like" or "holy crap".  That is happening right now. I think of it as the "Magnefying glass effect".

The focus of my personal transformation - during my lunch every day, take time to ask myself the question, "Am I becoming a person I respect?  What are the ways that I embody those characteristics?  Where do I still need to focus my attention?"  So, here on Day 13, after falling down yesterday, went even more whole hog...  Yesterday, I actually ate some food.  Today, there was no food involved, less bathroom breaks and very little liquid.  But the thought was there all day long - "Are you doing all you can do? Be honest."  

Person after person in my office and the words "Be honest" ringing in my head.  So I was.  I had some very earnest conversations today and made some discoveries about myself and about some of the things I have already done to become a person I respect:

  • I am willing to admit when I am wrong
  • I am willing to apologize when I make a mistake 
  • I am willing to hear difficult comments about myself and not feel defensive
  • I am able to take unexpected compliments and be gracious about it (This one is new...)
  • I am willing to work on my end of the relationships I have whether they are at work or in my personal life.
  • I can see that everyone has something positive to give to a situation and if you shine a light on those gifts, they grow and bloom.
  • I'm good at my job. Because I work hard at it. 

I also thought about some of the things I see as areas in need of some attention:

  • I need to learn some active listening techniques.
  • I need to ask when I'm not sure if I should fix or listen.
  • Continue to focus - not multitasking while I am dealing with people makes a difference.
  • Silence is ok.  Don't kill it.
  • I want to notice the positives about people and share them more often
  • Talk less. Listen more.

I am feeling good.  I don't feel feel like I'm shirking my 37 Days Challenge other than the lunch part (which I am still working on).  But the idea and the questions and answers are all there, swirling around every day.  That is good.  The lunch time will come.  And food.  Time and food are good.  We need both, every day.

Day 13 was a good day.

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