Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 35: Bouncing Back

Deep breathing is helping.  Smiling helps.

Then I was sorting through my home email account (I don't much check it anymore because I am on email ALL DAY LONG at work...) .  I had signed up for's "Miracle Thought" from Marianne Williamson and she had the perfect thought for today...

"Salvation begins when you consider that there might be another way."  from A Course in Miracles Workbook

"Consider it. There might be another way. Don’t avoid your life. This is it. Everything you are experiencing right now is the platform for a miracle. Heaven isn’t out there, later – it is here now."

In my workplace, we have a sign that says, "Choose your Attitude".  It is kind of dorky and a VERY non-professional sign, but I see it every day when I come in the door.  For a long time, I thought about it every day when I walked towards my office...OH!!  Epiphany!!  We have a big board welcoming visitors that is COVERING IT!!  It has been there all week. Maybe that is part of my problem!!!  

Anyway, today, I was back on track.  When I felt stressed or frustrated, I went and sought out people.  I got up and walked around.  I did something DIFFERENT.  It helped.  It didn't make the stress disappear, but it took away some of the bite.

Now, on to the weekend.  I'm sure the next two days will be informative for me in this grand experiment.  

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