Sunday, January 2, 2011

Recuperation and Relaxation, 2011 Style

Back to real life tomorrow, so I spent today recuperating, relaxing (i.e., sleeping late and doing art) and redesigning the blog. I can't get it right, so I finally gave up for a while. I wish I either knew enough to make the blog design what I want or knew nothing so felt satisfied with the templates available to me. I haven't found either to be true so far.

I posted a beautiful video on my video page - if you have about 4 minutes, you should watch it. It is the first one at the top. My friend posted it and it really moved me today.  The phrase that stuck with me was, "Don't be scared, you are free." I promptly wrote it down in my new journal.

Here is the work I did today and some additions I did on the cover:

I added some embellishment to the cover that makes it more unified.

This is the inside cover. I wanted to write the quote "Don't be scared, you are free" on something. I decided it was to me, not a general quote. Obviously, anyone can take that quote and use it, but I was really talking to myself.

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