Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Giving Lea Michele Her Due

Sometimes there are people who are so incredibly talented, they make everything seem so easy and everything they do is outrageously good and they are not appropriately acknowledged. As I watched the other "Glee" Golden Globe winners make their way up to the stage, I watched how happy Lea Michele was for them and how proud she seemed to be to be with the show. She was nominated for an award, too, but I think a variety of factors worked against her.

I love Chris Colfer and I love Jane Lynch (I have mixed feelings about her character, Sue Sylvester) and I'm glad they won and I'm glad that "Glee" won for best comedy, musical or (whatever the third thing is). At the same time, I think it really is important to recognize that Lea Michele is the talent that they keep giving Barbra Streisand songs, who sang with Idina Menzel and held her own. Her character may not be the one we identify with all the time, but the voice, the talent she possesses is undeniable.

I hope, sometime soon, Lea Michele gets the recognition and accolades she deserves for her spectacular talent. In the meantime, I have included two videos from her pre-"Glee" career. Enjoy!

2007 Tony Awards and the Cast of "Spring Awakening"

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