Friday, January 14, 2011

Updated News

Miraculously, my friend is doing better. They didn't think she would be able to be removed from the respirator and yet, today, unexpectedly, she was able to breathe on her own for a long period of time. She is still on the respirator and will be until she is able to pass their medical milestones, but that is still progress.

Thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers - obviously, they are helping. Her family was quite relieved. Obviously, she is still in a serious situation and we are all quite worried, but this seemed like a glimmer of hope for a better outcome than we were expecting.

Friday is a welcome relief today. My brain couldn't quite settle anywhere and I was so happy to know that I don't have to be "functional" for a couple of days. So, for the remainder of the post, I am just adding some bird photos from the other day.  A couple of birds came to the bird feeder and I was able to get a couple of photos - not great ones, but that's fine.
I didn't get a great photo of both birds together - I was wishing I had more zoom on my lens, but this was full 16X zoom.

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  1. That is awesome news. I am so happy for you. I will keep you all in my thoughts, And believe in your heart she will be well.



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