Thursday, January 20, 2011

Is It Friday yet?

I have been discombobulated all week. On Tuesday, I thought it was Monday. On Wednesday, I thought it was Thursday. Today, I knew it was Thursday, but I didn't trust that the week was going to end. It hasn't been a bad week or anything - I just can't wait for the weekend for some reason this week. I've been feeling tired and not feeling like I've been getting enough sleep this week. It could be that the CRAZY DREAMS I've been having have not been that restful. Stuff with characters from Buffy, work dreams, dreams with elephants and dinosaurs and giant birds and the ocean freezing over. WEIRD.

So, I'm ready for the weekend. A little art, a little rest, some cleaning, maybe some catch up work. Doesn't matter though - the weekend just has a whole different vibe to it.

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