Friday, January 21, 2011

On Entertainment

I turned on my television tonight when I got home from work and it was on whatever station shows "Entertainment Tonight". I normally don't watch that show, but my ABC channel isn't working well right now (I don't have cable, so I'm at the mercy of the weather, apparently. Gosh, don't you just love digital television? NOT!).

A few months (?) ago, I watched an episode of ET and Mary Hart was talking all about her experience at the funeral of some relative of some celebrity and how she had been very moved and choked up at the service. I was struck by the fact that she was making the story about HER, not about the family who was grieving for the loss of a loved one...

Fast forward to tonight - yet another recap of the Golden Globe awards (um, can we be done with that now?). This was from the perspective of the unknown guy who was at the Globes interviewing celebs for ET on the red carpet. They showed him mopping his brow from various angles, showed people yelling at him, showed him not paying attention to instruction when the director was telling him to wrap the interview he was doing. The WHOLE STORY was about HIM. I don't even know his name. Not only do I not want to watch ANOTHER wrap up of a show that aired on Sunday, but I particularly don't want to watch ET make itself and its reporters the story. If you don't have anything to say about ENTERTAINMENT, perhaps the show is old and tired and needs to be put to rest. I mean, really...

Oy. I'm glad it is Friday.

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  1. I spend most of my time on the computer. I do watch new movies on here too. I went over 2 years with out watching tv. But now I see there is really nothing I was missing. It seems even with dish network it is very little choice. I actually miss the old days of simple shows. Little house on the prairie was one of my favorites.
    Have a wonderful week end.



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