Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day of Turbulence

Today, I experienced unexpected turbulence from the minute I woke up. I thought it was Saturday, which then had me hitting my snooze a couple of times before I realized that if it WERE Saturday, I would not need the snooze. A. Because I always wake up early on the weekends, except when I have to go somewhere and B. Because if I didn't have somewhere to go, I wouldn't have set the alarm in the first place.

I find these days that start strangely (confused, wake up late, wake from a bad dream, wake too early but too late to go back to bed) continue to be strange throughout the day. Today was no different. Small things threw me off today - silly, insignificant things that should not have any impact at all. I am currently moving between offices, so that is already difficult enough, but then I leave the thing I just had in the office I'm not in.

On my conference call, the change in the recording that tells you when you are muted has changed. I don't like it. It used to be a man saying, "Mute on." "Mute off."  Now it is a perky woman saying, "You phone is now muted." "Your phone is no longer muted." You can probably tell, just by looking at the sentences that the woman's sentences take longer. While she is talking, you can neither hear others nor be heard by the people on the line. So you have to wait. You know how they say that women start each day off with a larger bank of words than men do?  Well, no wonder. We can't just say, "Mute off." We have to give a dissertation on the qualities of being muted or not being muted. Grrr.

On my way home, I listened to the radio until I heard this:  A recent poll revealed that when asked the question, "If someone offered you your dream job but you could not use your personal email, Facebook, twitter while at work, would you turn the job down?"  11% of respondents said they would, in fact, turn the job down. I just thought that was scary. Your DREAM JOB. I guess I just imagine that if we were all doing our dream jobs, we would be so happy we wouldn't need to do that other stuff while we were working.  What also struck me was that it wasn't that you COULDN'T EVER use it, but that you just couldn't use it while at work. I don't know. Maybe my reaction is based on my mood.

Anyway, it just went on like that. Everything off just like 10 or 15%. I am feeling better now, but that is probably because I am safely at home and I don't have to interact with anyone.  I'm hoping tomorrow will be less...odd. Today wasn't BAD, it was just a little off-kilter.

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