Saturday, January 22, 2011

Challenges in Posting

I went to a social media workshop last weekend and I think that it has definitely impacted me in terms of posting anything on the internet. While I have already posted photos and postings about my family and my life, this conversation was a welcome one about how we appear online and thinking about the impression we want to leave.

I know I have talked about this several times on the blog, but I feel it weighing on me right now, so I think something is definitely moving around in my brain. When I couple that with the fact that I want to be creating something, that I want to be writing something that is more than just a reflection of the days passing by, I sometimes get stopped by my own brain.

Anyway, I have been thinking about this the last couple of days and wanted to mention it here. When I have gone back in my archives a bit, I definitely notice shifts in intention, in style, etc. I suspect maybe there will be another one soon. Not sure where it will lead, but I'm getting ready.

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