Friday, August 21, 2009

Wrecking Sisters - A Little Off-Topic

My experience with Jamie Ridler's "The Next Chapter: Wreck This Journal" has not ended...not only because we are continuing our Wreckage, thanks to Grammy for setting up Wrecking Sisters Reunited, but because of the incredible women I met online through the process.

Today, I was reading at Kavindra's A Clear Path to Happy and I started looking at some of the great sites on her blogroll and I was so inspired by some of the hope and beautiful people and initiatives available online, reminded of some of my own favorite sites, as well.  

I have had a hard week and I wanted to share some of the beauty that is out there, not just from Kavindra's list, but things I have found, love and want to implement in my world/life.

Hope Revolution 

Operation Beautiful

Welcome to the Joy Rebellion

Operation NICE


Jamie Ridler Studios


I know there are many many more...I will be adding some of these to my own blogroll here.  I just wanted to put something positive into the world today.  It seemed important.

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