Thursday, August 27, 2009

Log Jam

Well, it was bound to daily work world and my theatrical interpreting world crashed into each other this week.  It is all coming out ok, but I think it is because I just realized I can only do what I can do.  

I'm looking at some time management stuff to help me manage better.  The irony is that the stuff I want to fit in ISN'T work for once.  I want to manage my time for work better so that I can WRECK and do the Artist's Way and get ready for the Joy Diet book group and READ and watch a movie without feeling like I should be doing something else.  Although it has been a week of frustration and franticness, I learned a lot and I feel good about my decision to find a way to make the work work better so that the LIFE can be better.

Thanks to all of you who support me in any of these endeavors to en-joy life and to just be a person instead of a widget.  I think sometimes I felt like if I wasn't a widget, what was I doing here?  Now I know that I can "be" a widget for a part of my life, but I AM NOT A WIDGET.  It is GOOD to have a life outside of work.  It is good to find more personal satisfaction in personal stuff than in work - that is MORE NORMAL than my old habits. 

I'm not sure what all of this means in terms of the big picture, but when I can look calmly at it, I know it is the right direction to follow.  

P.S. The show went pretty well, I think.  Had a few minor bumps, but all the songs I was struggling to translate came together for the show, which was nice.  Topol is an amazing person, by the way. I'm still amazed at his work after all these years.

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