Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Fragments

One of the blogs I enjoy visiting is Kristin's The Goat. She participates in a meme called "Friday Fragments" by Mrs. 4444.  Every once in a while, I really feel like I have a bunch of little things to post but nothing long enough to stand alone.  Today is one of those days, so I decided to join in the fun.

Mrs. 4444's Friday Fragments appear on her blog, Half-past Kissin' Time. Pop over and see her FF post today!

Here is a link to a great blog post I read. I found it when I was linking Skirt! to my "Four Word Self Help" Blog Tour post yesterday. I think it is a common thread running through the minds of a lot of people out there. I don't even use Twitter and it tires me out...Facebook and I have a love/hate relationship. (I can't wait for the movie "Social Network" to come out - story of the Facebook creator(s).

On a completely NOT related topic, I heard a bumper song on the radio several months ago and I didn't know the name or the performer, but it kind of pops into my head every so often. Every time I hear it, I remember the chorus, "Take me away, Take me away" (I suspect that is why it attracts me - sounds like a Calgon commercial). Well, I heard it while I was in my car about two days ago, I googled the words "Take me away" and came up with lots of things that WERE NOT the song I was looking for. I knew I would recognize it when I saw the performer...I mistakenly thought maybe it was sung by Nicole Scherzinger (sp) or a girl group or something. Finally, last night, I pulled up YouTube and it was the first song that showed up after I entered "Take Me Away" in the search. The song is called "Pocket Full of Sunshine" by Natasha Bedingfield. So I don't forget it again, I am posting the video here:

As I listened to it last night, I realized that there is something I really like about her voice and I also listened to "Unwritten". I know the song was horribly overplayed, but I still like it.

I found some NEON paint colors at Michael's last weekend, so I'm hoping to do some painting this week in one of my art journals. I have been too tired to do it this week, but I'm looking forward to the weekend and some time to make a mess!

Friday Fragments is what is called a Blog Hop. I can't get the link to work right now, but I will keep trying and make the appropriate changes. Seems Mr. Computer is having some issues today.


  1. The FB post was interesting. I deleted 45 friends tonight, to pare it down to 255 of my closest friends and FAMILY members. I feel so much better now that only those close to me are my friends :)

    Thanks for your persistence! Enjoy a relaxing weekend!

    If you link up next week (and of course, I hope you do!) know that I publish FF on Thursday nights at 9pm central time. If you link up then, you'll probably get more company :)

  2. I'm late(We were camping) but I'm here.

    Hope you had a great weekend!



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