Monday, September 27, 2010

A Bit of Fluff

Last night, while I was checking my email and looking at Facebook, etc., I had "Dancing with the Stars" on. I usually have it on and watch it periodically.  I like this kind of show because I don't have to devote my full attention to it.  I also like this kind of show because you can see people grow and change. I love to see this kind of evolution - for example, Kelly Osbourne's transformation as she realized she could devote herself to something and really become quite successful.

This week's swan story was Margaret Cho.  Last week, she had to do a waltz and she seemed very uncomfortable with the whole "I am an elegant lady" concept and made her routine into a comedy act. It was funny, but the judges didn't like it and encouraged her to just focus on dancing, which she did this week.  As I was watching, I realized that if she lets it, this experience could change her life. I love to see people grow in confidence and I could already see that tiny glimmer in her last night.

The surprise of the evening for me is that I felt badly for Michael Bolton. I'm not a huge fan of his music, so I didn't think it would bother me if he gets sent home or if he wasn't good.  I was wrong.  He tried so hard and said that the first week was traumatizing for him because he hadn't done well.  This week, he had to do a jive (I think).  He seemed very nervous, but he worked really hard.  I found myself pulling for him to just have those couple of weeks to build his confidence and not leave him feeling like he should never have done this in the first place.  I'm definitely pulling for the underdog here.

Anyway, that is my little bit of Monday fluff. It is hot and muggy here, so that's about all I could muster.

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