Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dreaming is Getting WEIRD

I'm throwing this down because it was weird and I don't want to forget the dream and I often do when I don't write it down.

I dreamed that one of the students I had interpreted for was in a video and I sent it down to her. She decided to come visit and discuss but brought some of her friends who turned out to be pretty scary. I shook hands with them (weird - I hate shaking hands) and we were in this restaurant where we were downstairs (like restaurants in New York) and there was an upstairs entry and obviously stairs. I was wearing a blue button-down shirt over another shirt. We sat down at this table to eat and then something happened. I started talking to this woman and she asked me if she could have my shirt. I said yes and as I started to unbutton the blue shirt, I pulled one of the buttons off by accident.

I said something odd like, "I just popped off my button. You can have it. I mean, you can have the shirt still but we'll have to find a way to get the button back on." We left the restaurant and entered another shop which had dressing rooms lining the walls of the store. There was fabric and jewelry and other "fabric store" stuff EVERYWHERE, plus clothes everywhere - hanging from the walls, the doors, the ceiling, on racks. The changing rooms reminded me of what you see in videos of India - practically on top of each other - every inch of wall was covered and people everywhere popping in and out of them. I started to feel claustrophobic in the store and went to the counter to see if they just had a needle so I could sew the button on. My friend, Kevin (yes, you) was behind the counter and led me into another part of the store and gave me a needle to sew the button back on.

The new area of the store turned into a Thai restaurant and Kevin (yes, you) was one of the chefs. I was standing in the restaurant (there were no chairs) and Kevin was cooking something when the lady from the sewing store came over and was looking through the slats in the windows to see if someone was there. She looked a little bit like one of the women who works in a restaurant that I eat at occasionally. Kevin brought over my food and assured me that there would be no trouble and went to talk to the lady who was pointing and gesturing in my general direction. I was surrounded by bodyguard looking people. I went to pick up the Thai food (it was curry) on a square metal plate (almost like prison or camping plates) and there were three ants on the plate crawling around. I had to get them off (if you don't know about my multicolored ant dreams, I will save it for another day). I was trying not to offend anyone but I don't like ants so I was trying to get them off without spilling the Thai food. I was chattering to my friend, Kevin, and surreptitiously trying to get the ants off.  When I got them off, we were suddenly transferred to a construction site wearing hard hats and my blue shirt was gone and I was just wearing regular clothes. My friend Kevin walked up to me and I said to him, "Wow, you sure have a lot of jobs..." and then I woke up.


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