Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Indian Summer

It has been sunny and beautiful visually, but muggy and heavy in the evenings for the past few days. It is kind of funny because everyone has been wanting "summer weather" since June or whenever it was that we had some sunshine and hot weather (I guess we had some in August...). Now it is all hot and heavy - supposed to be 85 degrees tomorrow.

I am struggling this week with motivation and staying upbeat. I think I'm just out of reserves temporarily. Yesterday, I had an image of a hermit crab retreating into its shell - that is the temptation. It will be fine - September/October are always hard - I think it is coming up on Q4 in the business world, school is starting, schedules change, weather changes, etc., so I just need to adapt to the changes that have been happening and it will all settle down. Happily, I'm not teaching this term or I might not feel so positive.

Don't get me wrong - I love teaching, but it is a lot of work and right now, I just don't really need to add that to my plate. I will get back to it at some point.

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