Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shaking Off The Sting

I got my first unfriendly comment today.

It was kind of eye-opening in a way. I often stray away from presenting controversial opinions here (by choice). This weekend, after posting about "Waiting for Superman", I was expecting to maybe have a comment or two disagreeing or bringing up other viewpoints. I was ready. What I wasn't ready for was to apparently bother someone enough that they not only left a very unfriendly comment, calling the blog "whiny and self-serving" but also apparently abandoning the blog (has the person been here before? I don't remember them commenting in the past) when writing about a television show.

While I keep this blog on the public internet and I make choices about the things I want to write here out of a sense of privacy and common sense, it is my personal blog. I write it for myself. I write it to think about things, to express my thoughts, to save videos I like. Most blogs are self-serving. People wouldn't write them if they weren't. I don't sell anything or make any money off this. I did receive a copy of "Four Word Self Help" from Patti Digh's publishers in exchange for a review, but I would have done a review of that book anyway - I love Patti and her work. I will write a review of her next book, "Creative is a Verb" that is due out in November. If there is a Blog Tour, I might try to join, but if there isn't, I will still try to get the word out about her book because I believe in it.

Today as I was processing this comment, I realized that expressing yourself, trying to be true to yourself, trying to find your path in life IS self-serving. That's not always a bad thing. If I hurt people along the way, that is a problem. To be quite honest, I fail to see how this blog hurts anyone, so I'm going to just keep on keeping on. I hope someone would tell me if I am doing damage out there by writing my opinion here - about life, books, music, videos, commercials or television programs.

Whiny? Well, I'm sure that sometimes I do sound whiny here.  I would rather come here and whine than take it out on the world in person. 3D whining is a lot worse. Even if you don't want to hear it, you can still feel the tone as it penetrates your ears. If you are reading something you perceive as whining, you can skip the post, skip the blog or article and make a note never to return or to return another day and give the writer another chance. I try to pay attention to the times when I fall into a pity party - it has happened - and make a conscious effort to refocus on something more positive or something that will remove me from that kind of thinking/writing.

No matter what people think of my blog, my writing, my life, my opinions, this is my online "house". If you are going to come in and criticize the decor or insult the hostess, at least be civil. Or you can leave. Either is fine. I don't mean to sound rude, but I can't control how other people feel. I can just be as honest as I can, as gracious as I can, and we can agree to disagree.

So, gentle readers, that is how I am shaking off the sting of an unfriendly comment. It's all good. I choose to put myself out here, so I have to expect some slings and arrows. I will survive it. Just have to rub some salve on the bruises.

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  1. Jean,

    Keep on trucken' as they say. People will read and agree, disagree, feel nuetral - whatever. And they can igore it or comment. After that they can come back to see more or choose to not return.

    They will do what they do, you will write what you write.

    Thus the cycle continues and all is right with the world. :-)




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