Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Collage Bits Found

I was popping around to some of the blogs I like to look at and found Kristin had posted this. It was just as I was trying to figure out how to proceed with some of my art journaling, so I decided to go to the Saturday Morning Vintage etsy store and see what they had. Turns out there was a "travel" item sale, so I got some of that and a bunch more. I ordered on Monday and the items arrived, neatly wrapped in a package, yesterday. I'm so excited! Thanks to Kristin for making the packages look so attractive on her blog - that's what made me want to go there in the first place!

Here are a few photos of my treasures:

I am trying to make sure I don't get attached to them in form - their packaging, their shape, their current form is only temporary.  I know it sounds stupid, but sometimes I have this thing in my head that doesn't want to change things - like cut something or alter it. I don't know why. So, I am working with these new pieces of ephemera so that I can work on my little bit of OCD.  These were MADE to be used in collage. That's what they are for. If I didn't do it, someone else would have.  

 I think this is ultimately one of the reasons that collage is so fascinating to me - partially because my brain is like a giant collage, but the other part is the reuse of familiar items to recycle and retain them but in a beautiful and new way.

 It would not necessarily occur to me to use these bits of paper and bits of books and magazines and maps for collage.  I love that it occurred to someone.

 The other thing I'm excited about is to have other images - not just from magazines. I love some of the colors and photos I'm finding in some magazines, but sometimes, I think if I have to cut out another Cover Girl makeup ad, I will scream. I'm trying to break out, but it isn't easy for me to do and especially with limited resources. This will help.

 Next up is scanning photos. I have to figure that out. It has been bothering me. I want to scan in family slides and old photos and I have to figure out the equipment for it. I think I need a more updated computer to be compatible with the slide scanner that I have. Baby steps.

 I love the maps below. I got excited to know they were including a map of Germany. I wish I had photos and things from our time there, but they were mostly stolen. We have a few things, but not many.

Quite a find, huh?  Now I am looking for some items that are more East Indian and Asian. I think a trip to Uwajamya (I may be spelling it wrong).  I am intrigued by other cultures and their use of color. The oranges and reds and yellows are so rich. I want to incorporate that kind of color into my collages.

 So, wish me luck. This is going to be a whole turning point for me in my collage, I suspect. I'm trying new stuff. Very exciting. And fun. Something for me to look forward to when things are tough elsewhere.

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