Friday, September 3, 2010

Who Knew? Art in the 'hood

I was dinking around on the net today, nursing a sore throat (sore throat? must be PTO day) and I ran across this store in my local area:

Art on a Lark - They are having a Soul Collage class and an Altered Book class tomorrow. Next weekend, they are having an Art Journal person come in to teach classes. The ones next weekend are more specialized and a little more expensive, but I'm definitely happy to find this place. They even offer "studio" membership at varying levels. If you have that, you can use the space and their tools. Might be cool to investigate. I'm thinking I would need to check it out before I make any drastic decisions - I find that I am a little shy about making art in public.

I actually found the store via Kelly Kilmer's website as I was looking for some art journal inspiration. I aspire to Teesha Moore heights, but I'm not there yet, so I was looking for other styles and other teachers who might help me shape my own thing. Quite fun to find these other folks out there. I'm sure there are tons more.

I will report back if I decide to take a class tomorrow. I'm not feeling great, but mostly, I prefer not to spread the germs if I can avoid it. We'll see.

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