Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Waiting Gifts

When I arrived home today, I was struggling to get the key in the lock so that I could run to the restroom (special share, I know) when I spotted a package by the door.  It was my brand new copy of the "Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert" that I saw in the movie theatre a couple of months ago.  I'm SO EXCITED to watch it again.  I love that I live in a time when we can have the things we love so close by and easily accessed.

I have always been one of those people who would rather see a known, loved movie than a new movie, so DVDs and videos are perfect for me. I watch movies over and over and over again. I like the comfort of knowing what is coming, that if I fall asleep, I won't have missed anything, that I can watch it again later.  Musicals are particularly great for that.

If you want to watch a couple of clips from the concert, you can pop over to the Video Inspiration page. I think I have been pretty good about adding labels so the videos are easy to find.

Other tidbits:  I am thinking again about how much the blog has changed. Last year was pretty challenging and there were lots of things I couldn't really bring to this forum. I think I got used to talking about non-essential stuff, but now, sometimes, I feel shy about bringing things up but feeling like I want to do something more.  I'm working on getting over it. :)

I bring this up because I am currently taking a writing class and I am *considering* posting pieces from the class here. I haven't decided yet.  I barely decided to say something about my writing class - it felt like something I wanted to keep to myself for a little while, but I realized I might want to post some of the pieces, so I decided I would float it out there.

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