Tuesday, February 8, 2011

When is my Vacation?

I'm feeling a bit burned out right now. I know it is temporary.  I came back from the holidays with so much going on and it hasn't stopped since.  Every day seems like an endless list of things to do. I keep telling myself I'm going to leave work at 8 hours and then 2 hours later, I'm still there. The turnaround between being their in the evening and coming back the next day needs to be longer, in my opinion.

I'm dreaming of a trip to the beach with a book and some quiet time and lots of sleep. Maybe I can steal away for a long weekend in March.  I have a work trip at the end of February that I am hoping to combine with a trip to visit my friends in Sacramento. For sure, that will be one positive step in just changing up the routine for a few days.

No reading today, but I did take a lovely green apple break in our sunny break room. It was beautiful out today, so I got to bask in the warm sunlight and talk to a couple of folks as they meandered into the room.

I'm off to bed as I'm actually not feeling so great. Hopefully, it will be gone in the morning and I will feel better. I'm not SICK, just off.

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