Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bob and Weave

Today, I was frustrated that I am not able to be proactive enough to address issues, get answers, clarify. Some days I just feel like a Martian and that I speak Martian language but it seems like I am speaking the same language and yet there are all these misunderstandings.

Intellectually, I understand that everyone thinks differently, but since I only know how to think like myself, sometimes it is difficult to predict where other people are coming from, what motivates them, how they will react or what they consider important. I get frustrated when I can't figure it out.

I worked on my zentagle from last night tonight - added some color to it. I'm not sure I like it. I just need more practice - it isn't precise in the way that I think they are supposed to be. Maybe I will post some pictures later this week - I'm not sure. I'm also going to work on lettering this week. I think that is something I might be able to practice without getting antsy.

1 comment:

  1. zentagles are the art of letting your mind rest. No judgment. Some turn out to be masterpieces some are just scribble. They started as a way to waist time. They are a benefit of release. Because they are meant to be thought free. It is when we engage our mind to plan an out come that they begin to challenge us.

    I am grateful for your heart felt comment. I also know what you mean by you say one thing and some one else reads more into it. We can not know if the person is of like mind. It is just a misunderstanding. They need more input in order to be on the same page.
    Have a wonderful day my friend.



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