Saturday, February 19, 2011

Art Journal Week 7

I'm still a little scared of the "sleep typing" I did yesterday, but I'm forging ahead. :)

I am enjoying the process of trying to put pages together without worrying too much. I know that more layers and more stuff will come later.  I like practicing to put things together and see what happens.  I still like the violin pages the best so far in this new journal, but I am having some other good results.

Here are a couple of pages I did today: 

This model reminds me of an actress but I'm not sure what her name is...maybe it is the same girl.  I will have to find out. There is something about her look that is really intriguing.

Now, I'm going to go get ready for TWO, yes, TWO social engagements. Of course things always come on the same day. That happened in January, too.  Today is Chinese New Year with some friends from high school. I get to see Kevin today and my friend Jeffa.  Later in the evening, a games and birthday party with another long-time friend and some of their friends. I had dinner with them last month and it was good clean fun. And I lost in Apples to Apples for maybe the second time. I usually do well, but I don't know these folks well and I wasn't able to read them very well. It was still fun!  More later.

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