Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We are currently braced for the latest episode of "Snow-meggedon" or "Snowpocolypse" or "Super Storm 2011".  So far, it has all come to naught, so I'm not holding out much hope that there is going to be any snow-stickage for me to photograph tomorrow.  I will get up at my usual time, get ready and see what it looks like outside.

Other than that, a relatively uneventful day. I went to Art Media and got some Caran D'Ache Neocolor II water soluble pastels. I have been wanting some for a while. I think the thing I have been missing on my pages lately are the little frills. Some of the penwork, doodles, details, etc., make the pages what they are and I think that even though I like some of what I'm doing, I haven't felt like they were mine or that they were complete.

Also, getting ready for my trip - a combined business and pleasure trip. Hard to pack for those, but it will be good to get away for a few days. I'll miss out on the cold end of the Arctic Blast while I'm gone. Yay.

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