Saturday, October 2, 2010

FWWE Day 2: Technology is My Friend

I know, I know. That four word phrase is pushing it a little for my "Four Word Wisdom Extravaganza". I did it for a reason.  I have spent the day with technology that is NOT my friend. Unfortunately, what I know is that it is not that the technology is unfriendly. It is not that there are no instructions. It is that I have a limited capacity for learning new technologies without assistance. I will get there, but it takes a long time.

Project #1: Figure out how to scan slides into my computer on the HP All-In-One Printer/Scanner/Copier. There is a negative/slide holder and a special way of doing it. There is a "Film" button that is supposed to have a menu that will help me, but it wasn't much help. I ended up scanning a lovely photo of the slide holder and the inside lid of the printer, but I never did get the dang slide scanned. I will prevail! It just isn't going to happen before I interpret "In The Heights".

Project #2: Speaking of "In the Heights", I decided I should have the CDs on my iPod because that is infinitely easier to carry around than the CDs. This way, I put the CDs in my car player and then they can stay there. I can bring my iPod anywhere with me and whip out my show.

I plugged in the iPod and it charged and synced. I was downloading the CD to iTunes in the meantime. When I loaded it, it went in backwards - the second CD before the first. Then I clicked on something that made all the songs flip so that the first song was the last and the last was the first, but it still kept the CDs separated. Brilliantly, I decided I could create a playlist of the songs in the correct order. Easy enough.

Yeah. Right. So, I failed at making a playlist a few times. I kept reading the Help instructions, but I have noticed that there is always a step missing that means I get stuck somewhere between steps 3 and 4...Finally, I created an empty playlist and dragged each song, in the right order into a new playlist. Success! Then I tried to Sync the iPod again. It said it couldn't find the device. I tried it three times. Finally, I ejected the iPod and plugged it back in. For some reason, that did the trick.

I'm not an idiot and I'm not a total luddite, but sometimes, technology gets away from me. Oh well. It's all good. I will remember, Technology is my friend.

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