Sunday, October 3, 2010

FWWE Day 3: Honor Your Past Loves

For today's "Four Word Wisdom Extravaganza" I am honoring a past love - "Les Miserables".  I started listening to this musical in Roby's apartment in March 1986. Our friend, Jamie, brought her copy over and loaned it to us. Roby took the second act and I got the first act cassette. When we got together, we would listen to the whole thing. We ate, slept and drank "Les Miserables" for years.  The producers are celebrating the show's 25th year. Amazing. 

In London, the O2 25th Anniversary Concert of "Les Miserables" is today. I am not there, obviously. They had a new production of the show that played through last night at the Barbican and they are mounting the Original "Les Miserables" at the Queen's Theatre and tickets are available into 2011.

Several months ago, I thought maybe I could make it to London this weekend to see the three versions, but it VERY expensive just to get there and for the seats to all three shows. This weekend is the only time you could ever see all the shows in a weekend.  Then I was trying to figure out the whole lodging thing and then our company asked us to use our PTO by the end of September and I realized I couldn't spend that kind of money if I wasn't able to use PTO for the time. I didn't even even check if there were seats available. If I had planned it all, maybe they would have already been sold out by the time I tried to buy the tickets...

Maybe that is an excuse. I think I was kind of nervous about traveling overseas alone.  I couldn't think of anyone who would want to OD on "Les Miserables" for a whole weekend. And flying there would take almost the same amount of time as the say there...I just didn't know how to convince myself. I'm a little bummed about it, to be honest.  But it's all good. A new production is coming this summer - I can't wait! I should start planning for the 30th Anniversary now.

So, here's to "Les Miserables" - Happy 25th Anniversary!

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