Saturday, October 9, 2010

FWWE Day 8: Commit Time to Yourself

At the workshop I attended today, one of the most valuable things I took away was the affirmation that a life outside of work is KEY to getting through it all and keeping your cool.  It isn't that I don't know that, I DO, but I need constant reminders. As a perfectionist, worrier, people-pleaser I am constantly warring with the competing factions in my mind.

This week doesn't really look great on that front, but I'm looking into it. I need to do some self-care stuff or my heads gonna blow off. I have the show, I have other commitments, but 30 minutes a day - I can manage it. I need to manage it.

So this post is more of a reminder/commitment to myself. Sometimes, when I put things here on the blog, I keep them in my mind longer than when I just think about it on my own. Accountability, I guess.

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