Thursday, October 28, 2010

October Ending

Interesting that the theme for October has been PLAY but I have not really done ANY playing. I interpreted a play, so I guess that counts.  I am definitely feeling the effects of not playing much this month - I miss my art journals even though I know that I am blocked a bit by my own unreasonable standards of perfection.  This month has been filled with commitments and things I agreed to do for other people.  That's not a bad thing, but I'm tired now. This week, I have felt particularly draggy and out-of-energy even though I have been getting good sleep.

Despite feeling draggy, I went to see "Social Network" tonight. It was different than I expected and it kind of made me want to close my Facebook account. I'm sure parts of the movie were fictionalized, but I wonder if I wasn't better off before I knew any of it - fictionalized or true. I think it just reinforced some of my disconnection from the frenzy of social media, phones, constant connection, etc.  More and more, I just feel wonder if everyone didn't feel compelled to share every thought they think every moment that they think it (Thank you, "When Harry Met Sally" line), what problems might just evaporate. Obviously, some of what I am saying is ironic or perhaps hypocritical when written on a blog that can be read by anyone...But, believe it or not, I DO edit myself. Quite a bit.

Watching the movie last night made me think about the things that I have written here and if they could have a negative effect on my life. I'm sure SOMETHING that I have written could be used against me, but primarily, I try to keep that kind of thing out of here, out of Facebook. In fact, the MORE upset or disgruntled I am, the further away from the internet I go. Not looking to get fired, sued or harassed in any way, shape or form, thank you very much.

Here at the end of October, I look to November with some excitement and trepidation. November is traditionally not my best month, but I can change that. It is my intention to enjoy and embrace some of the challenges that November brings. I'm attending a workshop and a reading next weekend, so I'm excited to open the month with something so positive and good.  The "Les Miserables 25th anniversary Concert" is on Nov. 17, the first installment of the last "Harry Potter" book comes out on November 19. Roby's birthday is Nov. 26. Days off around Thanksgiving are good, too. It's going to be a good month for me this year. I sense a trend starting.

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