Friday, October 1, 2010

FWWE Day 1: Play more, Stress less

In honor of Patti Digh's newest offering, "Four Word Self Help: Simple Wisdom for Complex Lives", I am going to be doing a "Four Word Wisdom Extravaganza" (FWWE for short) during October. If I like it, I might do it longer. :)

In keeping with the theme for October for Nablopomo, I decided that the first "FWWE" Phrase should be:

Play More, Stress Less

I'm a firm believer in the power of PLAY. I think that there is so much in our lives that is serious, so much that requires attention and thought, that it is imperative that we do things that we consider FUN. I don't know that I am as skilled or as practiced at play as I was 10 years ago. I have different responsibilities, I have different priorities, but I know that if I played more and didn't feel guilty about it, I would be happier and that would translate into success in other ways.

One of my favorite things is to color.  I have the most beautiful "Velveteen Rabbit" coloring book. I got it almost 20 years ago.  It took me a long time to actually color in it because it is so beautiful.  Finally, one weekend, a friend and I went to the beach.  We were waiting for someone to arrive and had both been working too much. We got settled in the place we were staying, pulled out the vodka and the coloring book and a bunch of crayons and spent about 4 hours coloring side-by-side, quietly, peacefully.  When we finished the pictures we were on, they were incredibly detailed and we were so relaxed. I'm sure some of the vodka helped, but really, for me, the magic was in the crayons and the paper and the colors and the focus on something that was fun.

All play doesn't have to be peaceful and quiet, obviously. I'm up for some raucous fun and laughter, too.  Playing games, getting together to chat, to paint, to do some kind of arty or crafty thing, all of those can be playing to me. Or bowling. Basketball. Whatever you think is fun. 

My goal is to follow my own advice this month - Play more, stress less.  I like it. I think these themes are going to do me some good. 

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