Tuesday, October 5, 2010

FWWE Day 5: I am an Artist

Yesterday, I arrived home from work to find my autographed copy of "Creative is a Verb" by Patti Digh.  I have been WAITING for this book to come out since I heard about it.  When I ordered "Four Word Self Help" directly from Patti, she sent me a note saying that she had quoted me in her new book, "Creative is a Verb".  I was so excited.  Today, when I opened the book, to my surprise, the quote was, "Today, I am an artist."  If you read here often, you know that I struggle with claiming myself as an artist. But there it is, attributed to me, in ink. Printed in a book. I must have said it. Which means it is my responsibility to accept it, now. I think I am there. My true, heartfelt belief is that artists/writers/painters/creative people ARE.  They don't have to sell anything or be famous. They just have to do whatever it is that they are drawn to do.

That's one reason I'm so excited for this book. I know that it will help me walk that path because I know in my heart that being all those things is about doing it because you have to, because you love to, because you need to. It is harder to convince my head. My head that thinks too much and judges too harshly. I just need to keep what I know present and close.

I added the picture from Jamie Ridler Studios that I posted about early in September. She created badges that stated things like, "I am an Artist" and "I am a writer" and "I am creative".  I thought it was a beautiful connection - two women I found in the blogosphere who have been instrumental in me rediscovering my own creative voice.  I think that when you get the same message from the Universe over and over in divergent places, you should pay attention. I'm glad I did and I will continue to do so.

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