Friday, October 15, 2010

Sleep is Calling Me

So last night, my boss and I went out to a very late dinner (thus limiting our restaurant options severely) where a mouse was seen running around the floor of the restaurant. I was embarrassed that I had picked the place, but glad that I had been clear that I picked the place solely on the basis of its hours of operation - they were still open. The food was okay but having rodents running around is kind of a turn-off.  We left the restaurant at 11pm. In the scramble to get out of the workplace, I left my phone, my watch and my credit card on my desk.

The visit was good in many ways - I think there is always an energy that comes to our office when we have an out-of-town visitor. Now there is just the fall out of me being exhausted. Then I had to go home and finalize preparation of my presentations at the local Interpreter training program (ITP) - that kept me up too late, then up early to get there. I was a little discombobulated, so that was disappointing, but it is what it is.

This weekend, I just have rehearsals for "In The Heights". I like the show, but I'm not looking forward to interpreting - I have a character who raps and I suck at interpreting rap-like music. But first, I'm going to SLEEP. No alarm to wake me. Yay!

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