Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Couple of Things (Rant and other)

First thing's first.  In my spare time (of which there is precious little right now), I am reading "Creative is a Verb" by Patti Digh. I just finished reading an essay she wrote about the day she found out her mother was reading her blog and how it affected her. I could really relate to that (not that my mother isn't welcome to read my blog) in the sense that when you know the people reading, you censor yourself in a different way. Maybe censor is too strong a word - edit heavily is maybe more accurate. I know I have written about this topic before.  As I was reading Patti's story, it occurred to me that people come to a blog either because they know you or because you are writing something of interest to them - whether momentarily or on a regular basis. To fundamentally change what you are writing because you know someone is reading seems to me to be a betrayal of self and the reader. Sometimes I write about Roby or about Patti or about my Art Journal and I think, "Oy. I hope this isn't boring for people."  When I started this blog, I was writing real stuff and sometimes now I feel like I'm not hitting the mark in a way that has meaning even for me.  So, I am re-committing to myself - to the blog. I will still edit because my entire life, my every thought, does not need to be published on the internet for all to see. There are some things that remain private, but I also want to be real.  I don't think I haven't been - I just haven't been doing the personal thing and it is has been bugging me in some ways.

The second topic is a rant.

People, please please PLEASE...stop going through doors and stopping in the doorway. Stop exiting the elevator and stopping right in front of the doors.  MOVE OUT OF THE WAY for heaven's sake!!  Tonight, I went to see "In the Heights" at the Keller Auditorium. When I entered the theatre, the ticket-taker (scanner) scanned my ticket and I walked through the door, only to be stopped by people who have stopped in the middle of the entrance for no apparent reason. No movie stars around, no cameras, no bloody people laying on the ground with paramedics rushing to their side.  They are just stopping.  Finally, I managed to wend my way around them to the bathroom.  There is a set of double doors as you enter the women's restroom, but they only ever open one door and the other one doesn't seem to have that magnetic thing that would hold it open.  In my world, you open one door in, so that the long line of women waiting for a stall can stand. The other door should open out so that women who are done in the restroom can leave without being accosted or having to maneuver through the throng of desperately waiting women.  I digress. I approached the double doors where three women stand directly in front of the door handles for BOTH DOORS.  I politely say excuse me and get no reaction, so I reached around and opened the FREAKING DOOR.  When I was done in the restroom, I walked to the door that I think should be the exit door, opened it and was again confronted by a woman standing about 2 feet away but blocking the exit due to the line of women who were going in the other door. MOVE!!  After the show was over, bathroom again, same basic experience AND a woman who stood in front of the paper towel dispenser.  Just standing. Stalls available, so I'm guessing she was waiting for someone. Which is also weird. Go outside. Why do people want to hang out in the public restroom? It's gross.  Is it just me?  I tend to try to get out of harm's way. I try to pay attention to blocking the hall, the door, the aisle. I try to take my little purse/backpack off if it is going to create an issue in the elevator. Please, just move. And help your friends and family move, too. It just makes it easier. Walk through the door and continue to a place that is near a wall or out of the way, please.

Now that I have vented my spleen, I feel a little better.

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