Thursday, October 14, 2010

Busy-ness drawing to an end

The last two weeks have been incredibly busy and challenging in a variety of ways. I'm happy to say that they are coming to and end at the close of the work day tomorrow. I still have a show next week, so I have some rehearsals this weekend, but that will be fine.  I'm looking forward to a little R and R and a little time to not feel guilty for not finishing, helping, researching, presenting or hosting.

Once the show is done, I am going to be diving headfirst into some ART - I think I want to take a couple of classes AND I will be using the neon paint I bought for my journal. I can't wait. I think I have a lot to process, so I am stoked to get started.

I know that I haven't been Wildly Rumpusing recently - please forgive. I will be able to focus in a few days and I think I have some meaty stuff to be writing about. Either that or something fun. We'll see.

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