Friday, October 22, 2010

All Out Friday

Well, as you can probably imagine (or know from reading here before), I burned up all my energy last night interpreting the show. In the perfect world, I would take the day after a show off, too, but it just isn't realistic in my work world any more.

I decided last night that I need to do some strength training for my legs and back. Standing on a little platform for almost 3 hours while waving your arms around, sometimes violently, requires stamina.  I certainly know that I have lost some stamina as I don't interpret all day, every day anymore.  I know that I have lost muscle in my arms and hands. Ironically, my grip is stronger now than it was when I was a full-time interpreter. I know that interpreters tend to have overdeveloped small muscles in their hands, so they lose strength in exchange for dexterity. Now I have a little more strength, similar dexterity and less stamina.  That needs to change.

I have to work on Saturday (bummer) so one more day to get through and then a glorious day of NO COMMITMENTS!!  I had wanted to go to the movies, but I suspect that staying in my pajamas all day will probably win.

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