Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Moment to Breathe

I finished the show tonight, so I am feeling pretty amped about getting some time back in my life. It has been a hectic several weeks and I have really been craving a movie or some art or something that I don't feel guilty about doing/seeing.

I know that my guilt is self-created - I just have such a strong sense of responsibility. Sometimes it is a good thing, sometimes, not.

The show went pretty well, although I am working on a plan to really get back to feeling prepared for shows in a more comprehensive way. It is easy to get complacent and not really commit.  I have all the shows on CD for the remainder of the season, so I'm putting them all on my iPod so that I can start listening and getting them into my body. That's the biggest thing for me - if I don't listen to the music early enough, it is this giant barricade in the process for me.

Next up is "HAIR". I have the movie on video and I have the new Broadway version CD, so I will be starting with that this weekend. I have until the end of December, but why wait?  I'm feeling good about my plan  to up my game for this year. I like having a plan.

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