Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday, Again? Already?

Where does the time go?  I thought I would get all this stuff done this weekend (every weekend) and I didn't!  Now it is 9:33pm and I am thinking of all the lists of things I wanted to accomplish this weekend and about my trip and what I need to do to prepare.  Instead of doing that, I am half-watching the Brooks and Dunn tribute and typing this post.

I don't know ANY Brooks and Dunn music, to be utterly truthful, but I wanted to see/hear Jennifer Hudson (who sang beautifully and looked beautiful) and Carrie Underwood (looked great and sang beautifully). Taylor Swift also sang and that was the first time I have ever heard her sing without flinching...

I think I am seriously going to start writing lists of what I want to do each day. Not a general list - those are always so freaking long that I get intimidated after the first day when I only get 3-4 things marked off (I always manage to do a bunch of things that I didn't think to put on the list). I think if I have a plan, maybe I will be better about executing it?

I'm always torn - I really need the rejuvenation of a quiet weekend and I like to do a few things for myself, but I get frustrated that I didn't get more stuff done. I will find a balance. I just have to MAKE it balance. I can do it!

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