Monday, May 17, 2010

Book Commitment

I have narrowed down my options for the book that is going to jump start my reading again. All the selections have been nearby for quite some time but when I approached them today, they gave a good "Read Me" vibe.  Right now, I'm not looking for the most literary book in the world - just something that will hold my attention for longer than 5 seconds. So...drum roll please...

1. The Twilight books (sometimes reading something I have already read is a good place to start...I have only read them once)
2. Heat Stoke by Rachel Caine- book 2 in a series. I like series books...
3. Harry Potter books - especially the last book. I have only read that one once and have listened to it on tape about 3-4 times.
4. Alice by Sara Flanigan (I prefer "Sudie and Simpson" but I can't find my copy.
5.  The Freedom Writers' Diaries

I think these should provide enough diversity to spark that reading energy in me. I miss reading so much and I'm trying to figure out what it is that stops me from reading when it was such a big part of my life and my relaxation. I think maybe one of the problems is that I don't often feel like I can relax. I'm always thinking that I "should be" doing something. I think I just have to start making a plan - a list. If I accomplish what I need to (important and urgent) then I can take that time for myself and do what I enjoy. It isn't like I'm using the time WELL now - I'm not.

So, this is the plan. Starting now.

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