Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Comfort Food

I'm not much of a cook. I think cooking is fascinating, but I never really learned to cook anything fancy or interesting. I have ventured into culinary land a few times, but I'm really a better helper. I was Roby's detail person - he made the pasta and the sauce and I stuffed the tortellini and rolled the ends. He made the chocolate cake and I painted the chocolate leaves...

There is one thing I can cook though. When people ask me about my favorite food, I often will say Thai food or Indian food or something like that. In truth, my very favorite food, the thing that I want to eat when I'm sick or depressed or just sick of all the other food I could eat but am not in the mood for, is macaroni and tomato sauce. And it is NOT Spaghetti!

Macaroni and tomato sauce (we just called it macaroni when I was a kid) was my family's version of macaroni and cheese. We were not big cheese eaters, so this fit the bill much better. It is simple - some macaroni that is al dente, some tomato juice and tomato sauce, some salt and pepper and maybe some fritos for crunch. Ahh. The perfect meal. I have photos which I will post when I am done throwing a tantrum that it wont work RIGHT NOW!!!  GRRR!!

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