Saturday, May 29, 2010

Set In My Ways

It is so funny how we get set in our ways and we don't even realize how much until we are plopped down in different circumstances. Everything is different when you are away from home. For me, it isn't even so much how mentally I am set in my ways - it is more the physical. The water I drink when I'm away affects me, the food, the access to a car so that if I have a need, I can take care of it independently - no help needed, no conversation needed.

The brands of food, the kinds of produce, the type of pop or water - even the names of stores are different. Smart and Final. That's the name of a store here. It just cracks me up. And BevMo (Beverages and More). Who'd have thunk?

Anyway, having a good time. Watching lots of Glee, talking Broadway, getting ready for the Tony awards soon. Movies, friends, lots of laughter. It's a very good thing.

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