Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dreaming of BookFest!

I have been thinking about books a lot lately and BookFest, in particular.  I haven't been reading my 30 minutes a day lately and I want to change that. I was thinking that I should start just reading my BookFest books and plow through them one by one until I'm done. I haven't been good about making the time and making sure that I use the time for the things I want to do (need to do).

I think that is one reason why I have committed to writing here on a daily basis - it would be easy to just let it go some days, but I don't take/make time for the things that are really important to me. I know that I will often sit down and intend to read but end up watching some crappy television show instead. I'm not a TV hater, but I also know that there are lots of things that would "feed" me better than some random show that I barely even like.

I'm going to take a look at some of the books I have laying around and formulate some plan...I wish I knew how to make some of the cool badges that people make for challenges online - I would make my own little badge. That's ok, though. I will make my commitment once I make a plan. I just know I need to add something else to my world right now.

And then, in June or July - BOOKFEST!! Yay! I think this year, my books will all be books I want to read this summer. That would be cool! A big pile of "Must Read Right Away". :) I can't wait.

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